A wide network of partners around the globe allow us to tailor made projects in supply of defence products.
Distribution of ammunition and guns from major partners to the civil market of the United States of America and wider.

We support clients with Door to Door deliveries.


We offer custom storage of all types of weapons, ammunition, explosives, and custom detonation in our secure warehouses, following all the regulations of the European Parliament and the Council. Warehouse rental and service support are available for all kinds of MIL-SPECS goods, including ADR 1.1 - 1.6. For palletized as well as containerized goods.

Our warehouse location is easily accessible for the transport and storage of goods, namely in one of the main SE Europe overseas entry points – the Port of Koper. The distance to the port of Koper is about 70 km.


In addition to the custom storage, we offer more warehouse services:

  • unloading
  • loading
  • container storage
  • palletization of goods
  • labeling
  • container preparation for shipping
  • other simple works

We strive to offer customers a complete solution for the storage service from the beginning to the end of the implementation.



We are manufacturing under our brand AKILA which is our main asset, our future and our strength. Akila was founded by firearms professionals, shooters, product managers and engineers, brought together by the desire to create an excellent product.
Our team will serve you to supply the most suitable and uniqe product.

You can see more under products and on Akila website

steel sales

One of our trading areas is trading in specialized steel in cooperation with the company Armas.

Examples of use:

  • BALLISTIC STEELS: 430, 500, 550, 600, SPEC
  • ROLLED/FORGED STEELS: Rolled bars, profiles, forged Bars, forgings
  • ARTILLERY COMPONENTS: barrels, breech blocks, breech rings
  • TORSION BARS AND PARTS: torsion bars, hydraulic cylinders, be spoke parts
  • SYSTEM INTEGRATION & PROTOTYPING: R&D, prototypeproduction, sytemtesting
  • ASGARD MAINTENANCE AND UPGRADES: maintenance, upgradesofvehicles